TypoTrawler For eBay Mispelled Items

July 19th, 2010 by admin

A minority of online buyers like to take advantage of misspelled listings on eBay. They search using a wrong spelling for the item they are looking for. Mispelled listings tend to have less people viewing resulting in less bids, thus making the price remains low.Let’s say you are looking for a specific item, say, “postcard” and you type on eBay search “potscard”. this then brings you to a list of items which are mispelled as “potscard”. But what happens say if you are an antique collector and you’d like to see all the bargains you can get in the ‘Antiques’ category. Won’t it be difficult to come up with all the spelling mistakes?TypoTrawler main page – please choose an eBay site.This is where you will this service called TypoTrawler. with TypoTrawler, all you need to do is select one or more category that you are interested and click ‘Trawl’. it then generates all the misspelled items in that category and display them to you one by one like a slide show. to pause or resume the display, just press the space bar. You can even modify the speed of the display change, the fastest at 4 seconds.However, I think browsing them per item at a time is just too slow. Luckily, there is this button on the top labelled “Open tiny Trawler”, which pops up a little window and shows me a list of misspelled items in my category of interest instead.A neat little window which is perfect to be left open in the corner of your screen.Saw those little blue thumbs icons beside each item displayed? these icons reminded me of StumbleUpon and they worked pretty much like it too. If you spot something you think are not what you want to see, just click ‘thumbs down’. Or ‘thumbs up’ if that’s the kind of items you are looking for. The robot will catch what are the items you like to see in the future.Tell TypoTrawler what to you like by ‘thumbs’ voting.Ok, so what if you want to enter a specific search and not by category? Let’s take the previous example of a postcard. What you entered on the eBay search engine aren’t going to help very much as you need to find all the misspelled words possibly related to ‘postcard’. Unless you are very creative in coming up with all the mispelling of the items you are looking for, you will needTypoTracker, a sister site of TypeTrawler. TypoTracker allows you to key in the correct spelling for an item you want to search. it then returns you with a complete list of all listings which are mispelled for “postcard”, say. You’d be amazed how many combination of spellings you can really make up with “postcard”.With TypoTracker, you can quickly and easily find misspelled ebay auctions.How you can make use of these services?As a buyer, it is important to use them to help you locate items which have less bid. Surveyed showed that misspelled items have a lower tendency for people to bid and ended up with lower price! Don’t you just love to win auctions like this?As a seller, you can use these services to survey what are some other ways that you could spell your items. As more and more buyers know this little trick to search on eBay for mispelled items, it may be important to capture this market as well. Launch a few listings with spelling errors. Once a buyer clicks on your mispelled items, try to draw them to more of your auctions which are correctly spelled. Test and learn which mis-spellings are generating more clicks and eventually more sales for you.So…do not be too surprised when you found some eBay Powersellers intentionally put up one or two of their listings up with a spelling mistake. If you have an auction related service or site, and would like us to review it, just buzz us.Tags: ebay, misspelled items, ebay.com, powerseller, spelling errors, auction tools